Can a good nutrition save the world?

And by world I mean humanity, not “mother earth”, although of course people live on Earth.

I am going to be go on a little thought trip in this post. Also what I say is not really scientifically established, but follow my train of thought here.

A good nutrition can change a human’s health for the better. More than it changes the percentage of fat in his/hers body,
it changes the hormonal balance. Its a known fact that you have to eat saturated fat (unprocessed, of course) from living things to let the Testosterone hormone reach where it is needed,
and that avoiding trans-fats also help this. (for a LOT more scientific explanations that I can never cramp into a blog post, read this GREAT book).

The hormonal balance of a person can affect his mood, general feeling, confidence, these are all things we know. But thinking about it, what if it changes something much more basic to the human condition? What if healing the physical part of our body, we are opening the door to a change in our ability to think, and it’s not just concentration that I am talking about, but the basic philosophy we hold, that, actually, changes our belief in our ability to understand the world objectively and make changes in it?
This change is the difference between a person who thinks he lives in an unintelligible world, surrounded by pieces of data he cannot seem to integrate and can never will, and a person who sees the world as a challenge to take, trying his best to integrate seemingly unrelated pieces of information, and building theories he and other people can objectively verify, advancing human knowledge.

Sounds a bit crazy? I know some people only want to lose weight and look good in a bathing suit. But if you are already a part of some forum of people who are doing the Paleo way of life, how many suddenly started a new career after years of misery at their jobs, have you noticed? Because I am one of them. I used to think I cannot start a programming career because I have no university degree in Computer Science. Well, that turned out to be false, because I have learnt iOS programming for a year at this small college and started my programming career this year.

What happens when a mass of people go over this change at once? Of course an example of whole cities/countries that start the Paleo life are non-existent, but what if other factors change the hormonal balance of people en-masse, things like the weather?

Well, meet this guy’s book, The Testosterone Hypothesis, who says cooling and warming of the earth drives major changes in human civilization.

I haven’t read the book myself, but I’ve been to lectures of the guy who wrote it, Roy Barzilai.

First of all I have to say that I actually think the scientific process that leads to his conclusions is really lacking and wrong, BUT it shows a correlation between warm periods and enlightenment periods of humanity, and cold periods that lead to dark ages. The idea is that more sun -> more Vitamin D and more Testosterone, and that the opposite it also true. (yeah, I know that correlation is not causation, and still). These hormonal changes in turn lead to major changes in society, in terms of mood and philosophy.  A very interesting idea.

Check this temperature timeline:

For the books description:

“…This groundbreaking research proposes that the profound transformations in social mood that bring the rise and fall of civilizations are caused by biological cycles and directed by hormones. Hormones regulate and control the way the human mind perceives the world, understands the nature of the good, and forms social organizations and political orders accordingly…”

To tell you the truth, even when I think the methodology is lacking, I thought about this myself, and it certainly gives you a lot to think about.

I wish someone would take this seriously and check the connection between environmental effects, hormonal condition and somehow correlate it to human productivity or even an indication of personal freedom.

I return to the beginning of this post, to ask you a question. Do you, after a while on the Paleo way of life (if you are on this path already), feel more certainty about your ability to understand the world objectively and to confront challenges in all areas of life?

Enjoy thinking about it 🙂


P.S. if you are not already Paleo- these will help you get started.

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