A brief history of me, or how did I start my Paleo lifestyle.

So why did I start eating 4-9 eggs a day, unprocessed meat with fat, and all the other things that will make your family doctor have a heart attack? (until he will see your blood tests, there is). I wasn’t completely healthy most of my life. I didn’t even realize it. I just had a bloated stomach once in a while, had severe heart burns, felt tired and unconcentrated. I started training Brazilian-JiuJitsu a few years ago, where you mostly wrestle on the ground, and having someone put his weight on my stomach was not only painful, it actually caused stomach fluids to go up to my throat, which causes throat infections, and, you get the picture. Completely disgusting. Its not that I was sick, but I wasn’t really healthy, too.
I realised something I ate made me sick. So I tried eliminating things. I stopped having dairy products for a month. I stopped Gluten products for a month. I stopped drinking coffee for a month. With each time there seems to be an improvement, but, not really. I felt kinda better, but the general feeling was still so-so. Something was missing. To make things worse, I began to have infections in my digestive system, and I have a colon cancer history in my family. Not good.
I actually started reducing carbs. I think I heard about the low carb way of life, but I didn’t increase the fat comsumption, which made me binge on carbs once in a while because I was still hugry.

The turning point came when the Paleo lifestyle made its way to Israel around two years ago or more, and someone posted a clip out of the movie Fat Head. Well, see the clip for yourself: (also- watch the entire movie, its informative, and funny!)

So I began the low carb, high fat nutrition. Well, extreme change for the better in two weeks. Not that this will happen to you this fast, but for me it did. I found myself sitting on the couch at home after work, with a huge amount of energy, not knowing what to do with it! I was used to sleeping for at least an hour after work, each day!

So I started powerlifting. Well, first few months I started training with machines with “The Big 5” workout by Doug McGuff actually. It’s where you go to the gym 15-13 minutes A WEEK, ONCE. It actually worked, for a few months. But reaching muscle failure each time is difficult, and actually I don’t think everyone could do it.
So I began Statring Strength, training with free weights, doing mostly Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Bench Press. I love it. It involves much more natural movements that humans are meant to do with their body, and facing the fear of being with weight on your back in the cage or on the bench and seeing you can do it really makes you feel good. Not to mention the strength. I carried an entire encyclopedia down the stairs at my moms house with almost no effort, and I consider myself weak for my size. It just made me see how actually weak I was before.
I won’t tell you to follow Mark Rippetoe to the letter, I’m playing with training volume and technique myself, but it sure gives you the basis for training this way (which is the best way, I think), and in his book he explains. A LOT. I really recommend it.

Oh, think you are too old, or weak? Here’s a 91 year old woman who started this program:

And this reminds me a very important thing- If there is one good reason to start strength training, its this: Do you want to spend your last years in a wheelchair with a broken hip? Muscle size is such a good predictor of health, not only in old age, but even the chance surviving a trauma like an accident. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder or even look muscular, but if you want to walk without a cane like this woman at her age, and not be helpless and needing someone to take you to the bathroom, START TRAINING! Probably the most frustrating thing about this lifestyle is talking with family members and trying to convince them only “aerobics” won’t do them any good, and that they REALLY need to lift heavy things.

Just one more advice before you begin training- choose a gym with cages for squats, benches, that lets you use magnesium powder (chalk), and lets you deadlift.

I am doing this for two years, more or less. I can study from morning till evening with no problem whatsoever, which is a thing I kinda wished I had when I studied in the university! Also, many issues disappeared, which I actually only noticed after they were gone. Ringing in the ears- gone. Why? I have no idea. The need to go to the bathroom very often- also gone. I guess the inflammations I had caused bloating that pressed on my bladder, I know I actually had an oily liver, like alchoholics have! And this is from too much carbs! Amazing.

In the process the wife joined this lifestyle (also some relatives and friends), and to tell you the truth- they all feel better. Not everyone has an extreme change like me, but there’s an improvement. Well, I guess this is what happens when you eat human food, right?

Wishing you all the health. And Bacon!


P.S. UPDATE FROM 2017- Phew! A long time has passed since I wrote this article. Wow. I am getting better and healthier, found a freeweights only gym, and actually eating like a pig and not really getting fat. Actually I TRY to gain weight!

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