How to start enjoying the benefits of the Paleo Lifestyle!

First of all, this is a nutrition, and not a diet. This means you begin implementing the principles- No sugar, grains, legumes (or as little as tolerable/possible), replace those with high fat meats, butter, eggs, and vegetables.

Many people are sensitive to dairy products. So its advisable to remove these the first month, and later adding them back to see if there are any side effects.

Why should you not be afraid of high fat content food? If the meat is not processed, there is no need to be afraid of high fat foods. It is actually not scientifically based that high fats are linked to heart disease and deaths. Actually its the other way around. A very long debate can be done around this issue, but consider this- Humans are eating meat with fat for 2 million years at least, and their mortality was not linked to fat, but to the absence of modern medicine, so the lifespan average was greatly reduced by 200 times of infant mortality, for instance. Also, what usually does cause heart disease is inflammation, which is actually connected to high sugar and carb intake, not fats. Grass fed beef is preferable.

Its not about weight loss. Weight loss is actually a secondary benefit, that sometimes does not even present itself. The main benefit is reducing inflammation, together with healthy hormonal balance. Also consider that a muscular human with the same fat percentage as a less muscular human will have a higher BMI. So weight paints a partial picture. Its better to concentrate on good strength training.

Isn’t it expensive? Well, depends. You can buy “regular” quality meat from your butcher and standard butter, or you can buy Grass Fed Beef and Grass Fed Butter. You can also buy internal organs which are way cheaper than steak. Hamburgers from 50% beef heart and 50% beef fat (also dirt cheap) are great. Internal organs are also rich in vitamins that are missing elsewhere.

How long before I reap the benefits of the Paleo Nutrition? Well, it changes from person to person. I will tell you what it personally did for me: It stopped inflammations in the intestines I had for at least 15 years, stopped severe heart burn and bloating, lost about 10kg, MUCH higher level of energy and concertration, and all this within two months. But usually people are not as sick as me and it takes more time, I guess my condition made my change seem extreme.

Got it! Anything else? Well, now that you are feeling better, why not make sure you stay in even better health into old age? Even if you don’t “buy” into the Paleo thing, one of the smartest and beneficial thing a man or woman can do is strength training! In my opinion its much more effective than aerobics. The reason it is so important is that muscle mass is linked with health on many levels. From lowering the chance for being in a wheelchair at old age, to lower heart rate at rest, even the chance to survive a trauma like an accident. I am not talking about Body Building here, but basic natural drills like Squats and Deadlifts that are natural movements our bodies are actually built to do are the best thing. Be sure you take proper instruction to do these drills in proper form. They look simple but there are actually a lot of subtleties.

Oh, and one last thing. Go to sleep! Seriously. Sleep is important to proper brain function, recovering between workouts, and reducing stress. So put the phone down and go to sleep!

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